Detailed Model Cars

Bugatti DeVille

The Pocher Bugatti T-50 Profilee kit provided the starting point for the DMC Bugatti DeVille.  Because the Profilee

 body is so distinctive, many people associate it with the Type 50 chassis Bugattis, but in fact that body was quite unusual. 

Most Type 50's had more traditional bodies, and some even had coachwork provided by outside builders. 

 One such chassis was re-bodied in England by James Young and Company in 1938, and it was that car that inspired the

 DMC Bugatti DeVille.  In order to accomplish this conversion, the Bugatti body had to be replaced by a Roll-Royce body along

with fenders from the the RR Torpedo kit.  By modifying the cowl area, it was possible to adapt the body to the stock

 Bugatti hood panels, thus retaining the distinctive character of the prototype.  The accuracy of the Pocher chassis invites

 such conversions. Let us install a body on your built or unbuilt chassis which will result in a one-of-a-kind replica that will be

the centerpiece of any model collection.


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