Detailed Model Cars

Hard-cover books about the models of Detailed Model Cars are available from under the Crafts and Hobbies category or under David M. Cox.


The titles of the Detailed Model Cars books include:


Building the Continental Express

Building an Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Corsa

Building a Bugatti Sedanca

Black Bart--A Lesson in Never Throwing Anything Away   including "The Story of Black Bart"

Rolls-Royce Phantom II Drophead Coupe

Old Friends Return--Visiting with a Pair of Early Models from Model Motorcars, Ltd. 8" X 10"

Extreme Model Cars--Creativity, Fantasy, and the Legendary Pocher Models, 8"x 10"

 Building the Allison Sedanca 11" x 13"

Building an Alfa Romeo Coupe Spyder

Building a Bugatti Type 50

Building the Mercedes-Benz Spezial Roadster

Building the Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Spider

Pocher Sedanca Redux  10" X 8" including "Monsters of the North" the story of origins of the Double-Six, S-12, and Allison Sedanca

Ten Years of Detailed Model Cars  8" X 10"

The White Knight, including "Iggy of Northumberland" the story of Black Bart and the White Knight 

Building the "Star of India""--Detailed Model Cars Takes on the Pocher Rolls-Royce Torpedo; includes history of 188PY ; reviewed by RROC's Flying Lady     8" x 10"

Earl's Alfa--a story of perseverence  8" x 10"


All titles 7" X 7" unless noted


The entire build journal for one of the DMC models is usually 300 or so pages, which is impractical to publish as a book.  Fortunately, Model Motorcars, Ltd. has agreed to make some of our build journals available as downloads.  They can be purchased on the MMLTd. site,