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       Custom-built Models

                          Detailed Model Cars can transform a built or unbuilt Pocher kit into a centerpiece of any automobilia collection.  Our models feature all of the working features of the Pocher kits--working doors, lights, crankshafts, steering and suspension--to which we add such functions as pedal-activated brake lights, opening windshields, operating chrome-framed side windows, lighted instruments, and sliding seats.  Instead of a plastic interior, all DMC models feature full wood and leather trim, including headliners and trunk areas.  Construction time for a DMC extreme model takes approximately 300 hours, and the models are finished to the highest standards with automotive paints and chrome and nickel plated trim components.  DMC models feature the detail components from Model Motorcars, Ltd. as well as scratch-built accessories such as luggage racks, spare wheel carriers, pedal-activated brake lights and steerable driving lights.


              For many collectors, the fine details of a model do not count as much as the effort and time that has been spent on construction.  Unfortunately, box-built Pocher models often out-last the builder's enthusiasm for tinkering and repairing, and as the model becomes more cantankerous and more parts come loose, the model makes a slow but inevitable climb toward the top shelves of the bookcase, and from there to the oblivion of a closet or attic.  Let DMC bring your project back to life.  We specialize in restorations of built and partially built Pocher kits.  We pride ourselves on our ability to match the model to the owner's desires, from cleaning and repair to complete rebuilds.  Don't let those Pochers molder in the attic, let DMC turn them into the centerpiece of your collection.


             Over the years, DMC has assembled an extensive library on the prototype cars that inspired the Pocher kits.  Contact us for questions regarding the prototypes or the process of building a Pocher model.


Spare Parts

           Although parts are becoming increasing rare, DMC can occasionally offer help.  We also have an extensive inventory of Pocher metal trim components which are replaced on DMC models with cast pieces.  Headlights, door handles, and landau bars are among the extensive list of readily available replacement parts that we can supply.

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What We Do

We specialize in building modified Pocher classic cars.  We build nothing else, so we can concentrate on the Pocher designs. Our goal is to add as many details and as many working features as we can to an already legendary group of models.  Our motto is "Too much is never enough" and our aim is to build extreme models.  Detailed Model Cars is where details count.

About Us

Detailed Model Cars was founded by David Cox in 2005 so that he could concentrate on custom building Pocher models.  He built his first Pocher in 1989, and since that time he has helped to establish the largest manufacturer of Pocher after-market details.  He has written eighteen books on Pochers, and his models have been featured in Scale Auto Enthusiast, Car Collector, and DuPont Registry.  In 2007 and 2008, he organized the largest public displays of Pocher models which were part of the famous EyesOn Design car show in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  Models by David Cox have been displayed in museums and galleries throughout the US, and most recently DMC models have participated in the Large Scale Model Concours held in conjunction with the 2013 Amelia Island Concours. 

News and Events

The hard-cover books which accompany each DMC cutom-built model are now available separately from under the Crafts and Hobbies category.  These titles include:

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