Detailed Model Cars

Bugatti DeVille


The interior is scratch-built but uses the sedanca seat frames which have brass runners

so that they can be moved forward for access to the rear compartment.  All screws are hidden.



The sun visors are often overlooked.



The landau bars do not have to function on a sedanca, but they are mounted

in the correct orientation, with the bars able to nest when folded and the pivot on

top of the bar.  Very coarse leather was used to simulate elephant hide.



Half the fun is adding small details, but in order to add  wine and

glasses, the folding table and compartment must be fabricated.



If it looks like you could climb in and take a ride, the model must be finished.



This is one of the Elves' favorite models.  Note the jazzy luggage bars on top

of the trunk lid and the side-mounted spare wheel.  Many viewers fail to recognize

that this is a Bugatti and not a Rolls; others recognize that it is a Bugatti but do not

notice  the source of the body--just the way the Elves like it.