Detailed Model Cars

Monster has a name, the Allison Sedanca, and it is nearly finished, or as

finished as models like this can be.  Thanks to the folks at the National

IPMS convention held at Disney World in 2013, the Allison Sedanca can

 now approach completion after having been on display as the chief elf

worked his way through numerous details and modifications.

Here the engine looks suitably complex, but is still sporting its mesh air intake.



The wire wheel side of the model looks a bit more sporty, but just as

menacing.  Chain-driven steering system made a hit at the IPMS Nationals.


More Allsion Sedanca photos


The digital photos on this site are unaltered.  Well, 'unaltered' may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for the most part they bear

some semblance to the models depicted.  If you see dust, the image is dead nuts on.  If there is no dust, it is something of a crapshoot, but

captures the essence of the model without the distractions of  background clutter and pet hair and  the odd insect wing or bird dropping.