Detailed Model Cars

Portraits of the 'Black Bart Racer'--nearing completion

Glare of the sun adds some realism to the image.


Disc wheels are courtesy of Brian Yingling of Texas, and they add the illusion of

shortness to the stock Alfa chassis.  Airbox on hood is ugly but effective.



Schebler carbs have been replaced with down-draft Webers (Memini).



Black Bart carries his aspirations on his tail.



Large magneto cast in bronze--pattern by Jorge Ehrenwald of Mexico--graces the off side

as well as the driver's side. Removable exhaust stacks poke through hood.


The exhaust stacks protrude through the hood and are removable so that the hood

can be operated.



Passenger area is an oil tank; this rear tire is near the end of its useful life.  Solid resin wheels

 from Brian Yingling of Texas.  RR logo is hand-painted by the Elves--in a hurry.




That seat looks hot!  With the oil tank right next to it, it would be!



The digital photos on this site are unaltered.  Well, 'unaltered' may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for the most part they bear

some semblance to the models depicted.  If you see dust, the image is dead nuts on.  If there is no dust, it is something of a crapshoot, but

captures the essence of the model without the distractions of  background clutter and pet hair and  the odd insect wing or bird dropping.