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Double-Six Portraits

The huge driving light, an exaggeration just like everything else on the Double-Six, 

steers with the front wheels.  Anyone with such a car would want to be affiliated with

numerous clubs, hence the badges.



Amazing as it seems, there are actually some precedents for having tandem engines in

a Rolls-Royce chassis.  In this case, the two engines are specifically designed to show

off after-market details.  There is a complete spare set of spark plugs (twenty-four plugs)

mounted on the firewall, twelve per side, for a grand total of 48 plugs for the entire engine

compartment.  The hood side panesl are spliced kit components, and the hood tops are scratch-built

from brass.

The profile is just right, and the Pocher sedanca fenders--based on a Barker design==look perfect.

The delicate bright trim on the hood sides with the double-six logo is sterling silver wire.

The roll-up roof can be closed, and the visor was later painted transparent blue. Swivelling spotlight works.

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