Detailed Model Cars

Continental Express Details

The trunk has been modified to open and features a tailgate and some necessities--

blanket, shoes, wine.  Spare wheel is on a pivoting hanger that moves out of the way so

the tailgate can open.  The chrome-plated release lever for the spare wheel hanger can be

 seen in this photo just to the right of the wheel.



The rear windshield is a scratch-built replica of the fully articulated prototype.

It can be folded forward (as shown here) to make room for passengers and to ease

entry, or it can be pulled to the rear to protect the rear seat passengers, or it can be

folded down for storage by folding in the wind wings on either end.


With the windshield extended to the rear, the passengers are nearly in a separate

compartment, protected by windwings and a windshield.  The angle of the windshield

is adjustable, and can be folded 180-degrees to be out of sight.



Extended to the rear, the folding windshield nearly encloses the rear seat and

would have a fabric or leather panel extending from the bottom of the windshield to

the bulkhead of the front compartment for further protection.